trauma informed yoga, guelph, ontario, 12 steps

Hi! Im Julia.  yoga teacher, holistic nutrition student, artist.

I have been practicing yoga for the past 18 years, through babies, marriage, addiction, trauma and recovery. During those years, my practice has changed and grown along with me. In 2014  I began my yoga teacher training, which I graduated from in 2016.

I teach from my heart and my felt, lived experience,  offering a practice that is rooted in compassion and mindfulness.  I work to create a supportive,  joyful, trauma-informed yoga class.

When Im not teaching, you can find me in my garden, or with my 3 teenagers who are some of my biggest teachers.


Certified 200hr yoga teacher. RYT-200

Additional training

2019 - 20 hr training in Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) with Nicola Mosley. Cambridge Ont.

2018 - Movement for Trauma level 1 certified with Jane Clapp.  Brantford Ont.

2018 - Y12SR Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Leadership training with Nikki Myers. Toronto Ont.

2016 - Reaching In, Reaching Out-New Leaf Foundation- trauma informed yoga training for undeserved youth. Online.

2015 -The Prison Yoga Project- trauma informed yoga with James Fox. Toronto Ont.

Beyond Addiction- The Yogic Path to Recovery


About my classes.

I believe in the resiliency of all humans, the strength we all, as human beings, posses.  I believe in making yoga work for our own bodies, what ever that looks like for us in the moment.   There is no wrong way to look or be , there is no "perfect" yoga.  Just show up, with the intention of practice and notice what is present for you.  All you need for yoga is to breathe.

In group classes I offer many variations , props and chairs to support the practice.

There are no hands on assists in my group classes.

Sometimes trauma informed is translated to a gentle class.  This is not always true!  Especially because what is gentle to one person may be the complete opposite to another.  In my group classes I work with simple postures, not necessarily easy.  Focusing on strengthening and softening,  using the felt sensations in the body to serve to bring the mind into the present moment to just notice.

If you have any questions about what a group class will look like, what you can expect or would like to chat about your yoga practice  please reach out to me.  you can contact me here