Private Classes

Interested in developing a personal yoga practice, tailored to your specific needs? A private yoga session may be what you are looking for. A one on one yoga class will allow you to learn at your own pace and explore a yoga practice in a personal, confidential and safe way.

We will work together to build a yoga practice that works for you and your body.  I specialize in mindful movement and meditation, yoga practices for addiction recovery, trauma informed practices, yoga for youth and seniors.
Private yoga classes can be a one time thing, or block sessions.

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I began seeing Julia, who was my first ever yoga instructor, nearly 3 years ago. And I have been doing yoga daily ever since, because it has greatly improved my quality of life and happiness in general. I feel that having her as my first instructor is also a big reason for my still practicing today.
Julia has the ability to ease her students in to yoga in the most comfortable of ways, reminding us to go at our own pace, easing our bodies in at its own comfort level..and number one rule, laugh…because we will fall over, we will feel like the awkward newbie..but her warm nature and judgement-free approach and guidance make any of that discomfort disappear immediately.
I must note that at the time I began with Julia I was just 4 months into sobriety. She, and yoga itself, are a HUGE reason for my still being clean today, and for being more physically and mentally fit than I have ever been..I’m 42 btw, so this is quite a feat! Because once you get rolling a little, I was surprised to find, yoga is a complete body workout, not just a little stretch as many of us assume. This is amazing for the newly sober person (or anyone for that matter), because it gets the happy chemicals flowing! I most clearly remember walking into most of those early sessions with Julia feeling quite anxious and stressed, mentally, physically..but each time, I could easily notice how much better I felt walking out..hugely important, as this led to the realization that I CAN have control of my body, my mind, and in turn, my life…I can create my own comfort, for the first time in nearly 20 years…and for this I will always be grateful to Julia..I have told her before, she had a big hand in changing the direction of my life, and all I had to do was be open to it.
”   -Tony.R.